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Klub John Williams [ŽP: 8 týdnů] (kategorie Hudba) moderuje E-Wan.
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"You don't really need images to understand the story, John Williams is the greatest musical story teller of all times" - Steven Spielberg

JOHN WILLIAMS Fan Network - JWFAN  (autor: Ricard L. Befan)

The JOHN WILLIAMS Collection  (autor: Markus Hable)

The Legacy of John Williams  (autor: Maurizio Caschetto)

John Williams - Somewhere in My Memory  (autor: Émanuel Champagne)

John Williams Compositional Technique blog  (autor: Leandro Gardini)

John Williams: mistr vesmírného zvuku  (autor: Petr Kocanda)

List of compositions by John Williams  (zdroj: Wikipedia)

John Williams discography  (zdroj: Wikipedia)

John Williams scores - by film studio  (autor: Jason LeBlanc)

John Williams scores - by specialty label  (autor: Jason LeBlanc)

The John Williams Expanded Score Master Spreadsheet

The Next Matessino/Williams/Spielberg Expansion

CD vydaná od začátku roku 2011:

Not With My Wife, You Don’t! Vol. 2
1941 (2CD set, OOP)
Midway (OOP)
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
War Horse

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (re-release)
A Tribute to John Williams: An 80th Birthday Celebration
Hook (2CD set, OOP)
Jane Eyre (OOP)
The Long Goodbye (OOP)
The Witches of Eastwick
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (2CD set)

The Fury (2CD set)
Heidi (OOP)
Rosewood (2CD set)
The Missouri Breaks (2CD set, OOP)
Fitzwilly (OOP)
The Book Thief

Empire of the Sun (2CD set)
SpaceCamp (re-issue, OOP)

1941 (2CD set, re-issue, OOP)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (3CD set, OOP)
The Long Goodbye (re-issue)
Lost in Space (12CD box set, OOP)
Home Alone (album re-issue)
Jaws 2 (2CD set)
Jaws (2CD set, OOP)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (album re-issue, SACD)
Home Alone (2CD set)
Tom Sawyer (2CD set, OOP)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Ultimate Soundtrack Edition (10CD+1DVD set)
The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection (4CD set, OOP)

Stanley & Iris / Pete 'N' Tillie: The Deluxe Edition
John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection (3CD+DVD)
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (2CD set, OOP)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (2CD set)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Post
John Williams Conductor (20CD box set)
Star Wars: A New Hope - Remastered
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - Remastered
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Remastered
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Remastered
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones - Remastered
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - Remastered
Superman IV - The Quest for Peace (2CD set)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (John Powell)
The Cowboys: The Deluxe Edition
Saving Private Ryan
Superman II & III (3CD set)
Dracula: The Deluxe Edition (2CD set)
Schindler's List (2CD set)
Land of the Giants (4CD set)
Harry Potter - The John Williams Soundtrack Collection (7CD box set)

Superman: The Movie (3CD set)
Hooten Plays Williams
Across the Stars
Across the Stars: Deluxe Edition
Minority Report (2CD set)
Disaster Movie Soundtrack Collection (4CD box set)
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Far and Away (2CD set)
The River

Připravované projekty (podle IMDb):
Indiana Jones 5 - režie: James Mangold (2022)
The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara - režie: Steven Spielberg

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e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 20.5.2020 16:17  8490
John Williams in Vienna – Imperial March (“Star Wars”) & Devil’s Dance (“The Witches Of Eastwick”)
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 20.5.2020 15:00  8489
LA-LA LAND - OUT OF PRINT!!!Close Encounters of the Third Kind (2CD set)
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (2CD set)
Rosewood (2CD set)
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 18.5.2020 17:24  8488
Boston Symphony, Boston Pops, and Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra Performances From Recent Seasons Available for the First Time on Video and Audio Streams
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 16.5.2020 12:29  8487
John Williams congratulates USC Thornton Class of 2020

Více takových videí z domova Johna Williamse ;)
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 15.5.2020 20:23  8486
Aktualizace přehledu OST
John Williams scores - by Specialty Label (previously: Low Quantity Alerts!)
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 15.5.2020 19:59  8485
Upozornění z La-La Landu!
These titles and more are GOING OUT OF PRINT and will not be re-stocked! Great time to pick up what you don't have during our 30% OFF site-wide sale

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (2CD set)

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (2CD set)

Rosewood (2CD set)

ALL ARE LESS THAN 100 UNITS REMAINING. Once they are gone, they will no longer be available...
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 15.5.2020 19:50  8484
Upozornění z La-La Landu!
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 40th Anniversary Remastered Edition

100 copies left before this is out of print!
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 15.5.2020 19:46  8483
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 12.5.2020 13:44  8482
On Green Shores, Distant Lands, Farms and Rivers: Mike Matessino Talks ‘Far and Away’ and ‘The River’
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 11.5.2020 20:17  8481
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 9.5.2020 18:48 - Klub Marco Beltrami (11:56) 8480
John Williams - Romance Medley (Flute/Clarinet/Piano Trio)
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 9.5.2020 13:53  8479
Hezký vzkaz Johna Williamse

Zdroj: London Symphony orchestra

Obzvláště mě zaujala věta: "... look forward to our next opportunity to make music together."
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 7.5.2020 17:13 - Klub Marco Beltrami (11:56) 8478
Good morning on Thursday sometime in May.

Below is my very first movie with John Williams. “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” was very shortly thereafter as to scoring the 2 movies.
This cue from the movie “The River” was tough. I was at home cleaning up my backyard at my new home in Studio City CA. and all of a sudden I got a call from my service to be at The Paramount Scoring Stage as fast as I could. 30+ minutes later I was in my chair. I didn’t really even know what John looked like nor the magnitude of talent in that recording studio that day. ( remember I had been playing 1st out in The Honolulu Symphony for those 10 years prior). I also had no idea the cue I was about to play was going to be a bunch of unison solos with Jim Walker ( 1st flutist in the LA Phil) and Vince DeRosa ( Hollywood #1 French Horn player in the history of Hollywood). I had gone to Juilliard in 1968, got the Principal Job replacing Sara Watkins ( she had just won the principal job in The National Symphony Orchestra) in 1972 ( I was 21 yrs old) and 10 yrs I later left Hawaii to see what would happen in the Studio Scene in 1982.
The scoring this movie “The River” with John happened within 3 weeks of me being in Hollywood. (31 yrs old)
Do hope you enjoy my playing in unison with both DeRosa on French Horn and Walker on flute.
I never got nervous cause everything happened so fast and I didn’t know who was who. That probably was a very good thing. : )

Have a lovely day everyone!

- Tom Boyd


Q: Did you ever find out why the last minute call?
TB: I only heard John had used 4 other oboe players prior to me coming in to play the same cue.
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 24.2.20) 7.5.2020 15:52  8476
Pokud někdo nestihl v pondělí to živé vysílání s hornisty vzpomínajícími na nahrávání Star Wars soundtracků, tak tady je k dispozici záznam:

Pobavila mě ta historka, že hudebníkům z Londýnského symfonického orchestru vadilo, že se během nahrávání hudby nesmělo ve studiu kouřit. V té době to totiž bylo prý celkem běžné a v nahrávacím studiu bylo někdy tak nahuleno, že ani nebylo vidět, co se promítá na plátno za orchestrem :)
rocketeer Rocketeer Music makes me happy 6.5.2020 21:52  8475
Moc pěkné skoro dojemné, každý si doma hraje, jednou se bude vzpomínat, díky za sdílení

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