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Klub James Newton Howard [ŽP: 8 týdnů] (kategorie Hudba - V ODPADU) moderuje Team_Daddy.
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lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 8.9.2021 20:08 - Oblíbené kluby (13:43) 751
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 24.2.2021 23:48 - Oblíbené kluby (13:43) 750
The Music of News of the World with Composer James Newton Howard
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 11.2.2021 21:18 - Oblíbené kluby (13:43) 749
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 8.2.2021 19:14 - Oblíbené kluby (13:43) 748
aman Aman 20.1.2021 23:13  747
No, kdyby to šlo "odendat" i z Hornera a Deleruea, tak by se taky nezlobil...
rocketeer Rocketeer Music makes me happy 19.1.2021 19:59 - Klub Soundtracks (13:51) 746
nedalo by se z názvu této místnosti odendat V ODPADU?!
rocketeer Rocketeer Music makes me happy 19.1.2021 19:32 - Klub Soundtracks (13:51) 745
James Newton Howard, concert Prague 2021 - dnes dorazil email a koncert je definitivně zrušen, jako jo, chápu, v této smutné nejisté době se asi nedá připravit, ale těšil jsem se sakra moc, chjooo
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 27.12.2020 07:42 - Oblíbené kluby (13:43) 744
rocketeer Rocketeer Music makes me happy 8.12.2020 12:04 - Klub Soundtracks (13:51) 743
Docela jsem se na News of the world těšil a musím napsat, že oprávněně, zní to pěkně, poslouchá se to pěkně, místo "našlapaného" westernu jsem dostal očekávaně pozvolné drama, plné emocí skrývajících se v hudbě. JNH má pro tuto oblast cit. Příjemné, jednoznačně k doporučení.
rocketeer Rocketeer Music makes me happy 9.10.2020 22:11 - Klub Soundtracks (13:51) 742
Hmm to vypadá dobre
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 9.10.2020 20:51 - Oblíbené kluby (13:43) 741
NEWS OF THE WORLD Official Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks Movie HD
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 8.8.2020 14:45 - Oblíbené kluby (13:43) 740
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 6.8.2020 21:20 - Oblíbené kluby (13:43) 739

New York, August 6, 2020 - Sony Music Masterworks, a division of Sony Music Entertainment is delighted to announce a new, multi-album deal with acclaimed Grammy and Emmy Award- winning, Oscar-nominated film music composer, conductor, musician and music producer, James Newton Howard.

The new partnership will see Sony Music Masterworks release a number of albums with Howard, including new arrangements of some of Howard’s classic, genre-defying scores, a range of new orchestral works and unique arrangements of classical pieces.

Born in Los Angeles in 1951, Howard has composed the scores to more than 150 films, including such blockbuster movies as ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘King Kong’, ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise, ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ (in collaboration with Hans Zimmer), ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and many more. He has forged a special partnership with director, M. Night Shyamalan, scoring many of his classic movies including ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘Signs’ and ‘The Village’. He has collaborated with some of the leading film directors in the industry, such as Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, Lawrence Kasdan and Francis Lawrence. Away from the big screen, he has also scored a huge amount of music for TV, including the smash hit ‘ER’. Howard is also noted for his long-standing collaborations with Sir Elton John, both arranging music for and performing live with the legendary rock star as well as for his own rock music career, which includes working with Toto, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Barbra Streisand, Earth, Wind & Fire, Bob Seger and others.

Howard says: “I am thrilled and honoured to be in partnership with Sony Music Masterworks. They are indeed the crème de la crème. This is a dream project for me representing among other things highlights from my 35 years as a composer for film. I look forward to working with Mark Cavell, Liam Toner, and the entire Sony family to make this project a high point of my career.”

Sony Music Masterworks President, Mark Cavell noted: “The opportunity to work closely with such a creative and talented film artist and composer as James Newton Howard is a great honour and privilege. The forthcoming albums showcasing his enormous musical talents will be a wonderful addition to the label and I am both thrilled and excited to welcome James Newton Howard to the Sony Music family.”
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej (update 17.9.21) 2.4.2020 00:20  738
Nádherné koncertní provedení "The Gravel Road" z OST The Village
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 21.2.2020 19:13 - Oblíbené kluby (13:43) 737

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