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Klub Marco Beltrami [ŽP: 8 týdnů] (kategorie Hudba) moderuje Lokutus.
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lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 16.4.2018 19:04 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1744
Hellboy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [LP][Red] by Marco Beltrami
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 13.4.2018 17:08 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1743

Limited Collector’s Edition of 500 units.
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 13.4.2018 00:08 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1742
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 10.4.2018 17:20 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1741
MATHILDE/Marco Beltrami/Moviescore Media – digital(CD forthcoming from Quartet)
Marco Beltrami has composed a sophisticated and admirable score for this lavish historical Russian costumed drama film, performed by the world-class musicians of the Mariinsky Opera, conducted by the world-renowned Valery Gergiev. The film tells the story of the supposed romantic relationship between the heir to the Russian throne, Nicholas Romanov, and the ballerina of the Imperial Theater, Matilda Kshesinskaya. "I was immediately drawn to the story, the costumes, the sets… it was simply a gorgeous looking movie" said Beltrami about the film. With a brevity of themes, the composer enriches both the historical environment and the romantic drama between the protagonists, emphasizing their forbidden affair while providing some interesting thematic elements for other characters and a variety of action music that comes their way during the story (the tracks “Twilight of the Empire” with its urgent violin bowing, the introduction to the main theme in “Mathilde and the Balloon Ride,” the frantic panic of “Bear Fight” with its yowling brasses, the dark and mystical vision of “Fishel's Holograph,” as well as “Dance Fight,” “Dress Reversal,” “Dream Kiss,” and the post-End Title “Mathilde’s Theme” reprise are particularly provocative and effusive favorites. It’s a thoroughly excellent score; an attractive, passionate, and thought-provoking, richly woven soundscape. MSM released the soundtrack digitally on March 16, 2018, with Quartet Records issuing a physical CD release in the near future. For more details, see MovieScore Media
Watch MSM’s soundtrack trailer:
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 9.4.2018 11:34 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1740
I thought the movie was excellent and very original.

Beltrami's music really scared me in Joy Ride. He delivers a lot of scary music in The Quiet Place, and I felt the score was very effective. He also has some touching lyrical music for the family.

I doubt I would listen to this score as a stand-alone, but I thought Beltrami delivered a perfect score for this movie.

I will elaborate, but I don’t want to provide any spoilers. First of all I found this movie to be a survivalist story with a different twist. It isn’t about 10 American soldier surrounded by hundreds of Nazis, nor about a family in witness protection surrounded by the Mafia. It isn’t about a plane crash with two survivors trying to survive bears, snow, cold etc. The real enemy in this movie is SOUND, which I found unique. The script plays with interesting ideas about sound. How do you play a board game like Monopoly without sound? How can one possibly keep a new born from crying? I think John Krasinski provided rather unique details about how people can prepare to exist in silence.

Krasinski and Emily Blunt are excellent actors in this movie, especially Blunt. I also felt that the children did a fine job. I cared about this family.

Krasinski directed a tightly-knit movie without padding. There were a few places that tugged at my heartstrings, but I won’t describe those places because of spoilers.

I have found that most “Horror” movies are now really gore fests, which doesn’t scare me. This isn’t a gory movie; however, it did in places truly scare me or make me jump. Also, scary movies often have a frightening scene followed by a restful period and then another scary scene. In the last hour, this movie was relentless in its action. No rest for me and no time to get bored.

From the trailers, I thought I could predict everything, but the movie provided some interesting surprises.

Sound editing was very strong, and I thought the score matched the visuals. I did see one or two flaws in the narrative which I can’t mention, and some people won’t like the ending, but it worked for me. As I said, I see this as a survivalist movie that was certainly different from our current ubiquitous Marvel and Star Wars films. Guess I needed a change.

There is a very good novel call Bird Box by Josh Malermann that also deals with some of these ideas (not sound), and it is being made into a movie starring Sandra Bullock. Might be interesting to compare that movie to this one.

This is just my opinion.
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 6.4.2018 22:03 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1739
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 5.4.2018 00:21 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1738
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 2.4.2018 22:24 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1737
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 19.3.2018 23:16 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1736
A Quiet Place"For a movie with such sparse dialogue, “A Quiet Place” often gives way to annoying bursts of shrieking strings to jolt its audience, as if they can’t be trusted to find the disquieting mood sufficiently freaky. (It’s almost like producer Michael Bay kept turning up the volume, before Krasinski could bat his hand away). Thankfully, Marco Beltrami’s score largely sticks to a low rumble that hovers on the same wavelength as the characters’ unease. While their relationships are crudely drawn, they retain an elevated quality within the movie’s unique narrative framework."


"Unfortunately, A Quiet Place is not without flaws, as Krasinski relies too heavily on jump scares and Marco Beltrami’s score to create horror instead of letting the story and the creatures speak for themselves. This film feels like a Cormac McCarthy movie, while also looking like the best Spielberg/George A. Romero mix you can imagine."
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 17.3.2018 23:30 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1735
první recenze
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 17.3.2018 23:28 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1734
FREE SOLO hotovo!

Na dalším projektu jsou už práce v plným produ a vypadá i dost zajímavě (hlavně co se obsazení týče) :)
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 16.3.2018 13:17 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1733
MovieScore Media reunites with Marco Beltrami with another acclaimed score by the composer. Directed by Aleksey Uchitel, Mathilde was the most discussed Russian film of 2017 due to its controversial depiction of the Romanov family. The movie tells the story of the supposed romantic relationship between the heir to the Russian throne, Nicholas Romanov, and the ballerina of the Imperial Theater, Matilda Kshesinskaya. The story opens with the first meeting between the 22-year-old crown prince and 18-year-old ballerina in 1890, then follows the tormented affair up until the coronation of Nicholas and his wife Aleksandra in 1896. Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the revolution that lead to the tsar’s abdication, Mathilde spans gorgeous costumes and a emotionally charged score to match the drama.

“I was immediately drawn to the story, the costumes, the sets… it was simply a gorgeous looking movie” says Marco about the film. Using only a handful of themes to underscore the forbidden affair, the music is anchored by Mathilde’s theme for the young dancer who finds herself in royal intrigue. The other major thematic elements include a lively chase theme written around a violin solo (‘Twilight of the Empire’) and a sinister theme for the proto-Rasputin mystic Dr. Fishel (‘Fishel’s Holograph’) and some chase sequences that highlight the composer’s skills in using unobtrusive electronic elements that don’t sound out-of-place in a historical films either (“Tent Attack”, “Bear Attack”).

Following his groundbreaking score for Scream, Marco Beltrami became the most reliable genre composer following the adventures of alien invaders (The Faculty), vampires (Blade II), ghosts (The Woman in Black) and zombies (World War Z). He is frequently trusted with scoring the most valuable Hollywood properties: he worked on the remakes of The Omen, The Thing and Carrie, but he also took over from Michael Kamen on the last two Die Hard movies. Beltrami’s regular filmmaking partners include Wes Craven (Scream 1-4, Dracula 2000), Guillermo del Toro (Mimic, Hellboy), James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, The Wolverine) and Tommy Lee Jones (The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The Homesman). His previous release with MovieScore Media was the Danish television mini-series 1864.

MMS18002 • MATHILDE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MARCO BELTRAMI
Release date (digital): March 16, 2018
Release date (CD): April, 2018 (Quartet Records)
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 16.3.2018 12:26 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1732
TT: 60:11
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 16.3.2018 01:42 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1731
Matilda1. Twilight of the Empire (3:55)
2. Mathilde and the Balloon Ride (2:55)
3. Church Chase and Train Crash (3:16)
4. Exposed (3:16)
5. Obstacle Course (2:15)
6. Séance (2:21)
7. Fishel’s Holograph (1:46)
8. Tent Attack (2:09)
9. To Moscow (1:50)
10. Train Kiss (1:59)
11. Bear Attack (2:30)
12. Dance Fight (3:05)
13. Dress Reversal (1:40)
14. Gassing the Raft (5:02)
15. Tent Neckless (2:20)
16. Running Away (2:03)
17. The Fall (1:45)
18. Coronation (2:10)
19. Happiness (2:34)
20. Dark Coronation (2:52)
21. Dream Kiss (3:52)
22. End Credits (2:13)
23. Mathilde’s Theme (2:24)
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 1.3.2018 20:58 - Klub Soundtrackove nakupy (20:25) 1730
hmmmm... lákavý :)


Česká republika brzy zažije výjimečnou kulturní událost nejvyšší světové úrovně. Do Prahy přijede přední světové hudební těleso, nejlepší ruský hudební soubor, kterým je Symfonický orchestr Mariinského divadla v Petrohradě. Orchestr Mariinsky bude dirigovat jeho ředitel, hvězdný Valery Gergiev. Koncert se koná v pátek 23. března ve Smetanově síni pražského Obecního domu.
Pražský koncert je součástí turné po nejvýznamnějších světových koncertních sálech. Orchestr Mariinského divadla s dirigentem Valerijem Gergievem v jeho rámci vystupují mj. v Royal Albert Hall v rámci BBC Proms v Londýně, v sále Belínských filharmoniků či v Carnegie Hall v New Yorku.

MARIINSKY ORCHESTRA - Orchestr Mariinského divadla
Orchestr Mariinského divadla patří k nejstarším v Rusku. Jeho historie navazuje na první petrohradský Královský operní orchestr založený před více než 200 lety.
Podle výsledků průzkumu předních hudebních kritiků a publicistů Ameriky, Asie a Evropy je Orchestr Mariinského divadla jedním z nejlepších orchestrů světa. Mariinsky orchestra pod vedením Valerije Gergieva na svých cestách už zavítal do více než třiceti zemí. V současnosti je prestižním hostem na všech velkých světových pódiích včetně Salcburského festivalu, Carnegie Hall a Metropolitní opery.

Valery Gergiev už jako student konzervatoře zvítězil ve vysoce prestižní dirigentské soutěži Herberta von Karajana. Získal angažmá v Mariinském divadle, kde se v pětatřiceti letech stal uměleckým šéfem opery a od roku 1996 tam působí jako umělecký a generální ředitel.
Jako jeden z nejvýznamnějších dirigentů světa spolupracuje Gergiev s nejlepšími hudebními tělesy. V roce 2003 se stal prvním ruským dirigentem po Čajkovském, který dirigoval slavnostní zahajovací večer Carnegie Hall. Je čestným členem a hostujícím dirigentem orchestru Filarmonica della Scala. Byl zvolen děkanem Fakulty umění na Petrohradské státní univerzitě a také čestným předsedou Edinburského mezinárodního festivalu. V letech 2007-2015 byl hlavním dirigentem Londýnského symfonického orchestru, od roku 2015 je Valery Gergiev šéfdirigentem Mnichovské filharmonie. Pravidelně spolupracuje s Metropolitní operou, Vídeňskou, Berlínskou, Rotterdamskou či Newyorskou filharmonií.

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