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Klub John Williams [ŽP: 8 týdnů] (kategorie Hudba) moderuje E-Wan.
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"You don't really need images to understand the story, John Williams is the greatest musical story teller of all times" - Steven Spielberg

JOHN WILLIAMS Fan Network - JWFAN  (autor: Ricard L. Befan)

John Williams Compositional Technique blog  (autor: Leandro Gardini)

John Williams - Somewhere in My Memory  (autor: Émanuel Champagne)

The JOHN WILLIAMS Collection  (autor: Markus Hable)

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List of compositions by John Williams  (zdroj: Wikipedia)

John Williams discography  (zdroj: Wikipedia)

John Williams scores - by studio  (autor: Jason LeBlanc)

John Williams - Low Quantity Alerts!  (autor: Jason LeBlanc)

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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (2CD set)

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Empire of the Sun (2CD set)
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1941 (2CD set, re-issue, OOP)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (3CD set)
The Long Goodbye (re-issue)
Lost in Space (12CD box set)
Home Alone (album re-issue)
Jaws 2 (2CD set)
Jaws (2CD set)
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Home Alone (2CD set)
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Ultimate Soundtrack Edition (10CD+1DVD set)
The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection (4CD set)

Stanley & Iris / Pete 'N' Tillie
John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection (3CD+DVD)
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The Post
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e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 10.8.2018 11:40 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7826
I am surprised by some of the comments I have read, not necessarily in this particular thread, regarding the fact that the new Saving Private Ryan release is not technically "remastered." There have been many discussions where the idea of remastering has been derided, dismissed as being nothing but "louder and brighter," etc., and where it's been expressed (sometimes astutely) that the original sonics were fine and should be left alone.

In the end, everything has to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. La-La Land's upcoming release is an anniversary commemorative edition, for the first time presenting the score with deluxe packaging and liner notes that I am very happy with. No one can do anything about the fact that there wasn't that much score left off the original album, but what we can do is embrace the fact that Maestro Williams was amenable to the idea of this release and that, as a result, additional music will soon be available. He could just as easily have said 'no' and that the original album was enough.

When it came to the audio, he took the time to listen to some of the original release -- which is actually a BIG DEAL, and said that he was happy with the program, the mix and the sound quality. That was certainly enough for me.

UME provided me with Pat Sullivan's delivered digital master, which she and I then reviewed together. We cleaned up a few little things, finessed track starts and endings, etc., but in the end, while this IS, in the strictest sense, a remastering, it did not feel right to shout that from the rooftops because the mixes, EQ and levels were not altered in any significant way. For the additional tracks, Patricia actually recalled her notes from 1998 that detailed exactly how to EQ and process the audio. I followed that in creating the added tracks so that everything would be uniform.

In this particular case, this was the best course of action for the release and the one that the Maestro was comfortable with us pursuing. It does not mean that any less TLC was applied to it. The only other option would have been to retransfer the stereo mixes and rebuild all the performance edits, but the end result would not have been drastically different from what already exists since both John Williams and Shawn Murphy liked their mixes.

If anyone feels that the those mixes were lacking and/or that there isn't enough new material to warrant a purchase, or if you don't care for the score at all, that's totally fine. But if having a deluxe treatment of a great Spielberg/Williams collaborative effort appeals to you, then I think you'll enjoy having the new edition in your collection. It's one we are all proud of and which La-La Land is now privileged to have in the catalogue. I hope that it will be supported by the collectors so that more will keep coming through the pipeline.

Mike Matessino
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 2.8.2018 20:58 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7825
Dobrá hláška z JWfan fóra o Saving Private Ryan:

I used to use this score as a sleeping pill. But I'll buy it.

A odpověď:

With this extended release you'll sleep even longer!
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 2.8.2018 18:48 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7823
A ještě odpověď na dotaz, jestli byla hudba remasterovaná:

Not remastered at all. Mr Williams, Mike Matessino and Neil Bulk all agreed the master was fine as is, so no need to remaster anything.


Pak moc nechápu smysl takové edice, žádný remastering, tzn. žádné vylepšení zvuku a minumum přidané hudby oproti původnímu OST.

Nový přebal a text uvnitř bookletu mi jako důvod pro novou edici přijde trochu málo.

To bych radši to slibované Skleněné peklo a JFK ;)
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 2.8.2018 18:44 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7822
Info z La-La Landu k Saving Private RyanBasically this was supposed to be a digital and vinyl only release. We convinced UMG to let us do the vinyl, due this Fall, on one condition -- we get to do the CD as well. There is really nothing to add, less than 2 minutes, but it gave us the opportunity to have Mike write the notes and Jim do the artwork to one of the finest films in the past 20 allow us to give this modern classic the deluxe package it deserves. We are honored to be releasing this score and we hope you enjoy its presentation.
rocketeer Rocketeer Music makes me happy 1.8.2018 22:34 - Oblíbené kluby (21:19) 7821
Ewan - to budou ty dva bonus tracky na Ryanovi :-)
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 1.8.2018 20:27 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7820
Docela by mě zajímalo, co se stalo se Skleněným peklem a JFK, který měly vyjít už někdy před 1-2 lety!
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 1.8.2018 20:24 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7819
Lokutus: Budeš se moc nudit o několik minut déle :)
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 1.8.2018 18:35  7818
No... super... jeden z nejnudnějších JW a nyní ještě delší! :)
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 1.8.2018 17:38 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7817
Nevybavuju si, že by na OST něco zásadního chybělo!?
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 1.8.2018 17:38 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7816
28. srpna z La-La Landu!
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 31.7.2018 08:50 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7815
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 23.7.2018 21:24 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7814
Další zrušený/přesunutý koncert?!
ubik Ubik 23.7.2018 19:30 - Odhlášení (21:56) 7813
Tak záříjový koncert s projekcí Jurskýho parku bohužel zrušen/přesunut na rok 2019.
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 20.6.2018 17:43 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7808
Kev McGann: Mike, I think you need to use your influence to tell Jay Dubya what a great idea it would to let you loose on STORY OF A WOMAN, SUGARLAND EXPRESS, know where I'm going with this

Mike Matessino: He has said no to Story and Sugarland but be patient. He is far more comfortable with these projects than he used to be so he may eventually come around. I was recently reminded that after he conducted E.T. in 2002 he said that it wasn't the kind of event that should be done all the time, but now it's a major thing and at least a dozen of his scores are being done that way regularly along with many others. Everything evolves. But it can be like watching the minute hand on a clock - you don't see it move, but if you stare at it for several minutes you know that it is.

V další postu navíc Matessino potvrdil, že kromě The Sugarland Express a Story of a Woman dalším soundtrackem, který John Williams nechce, aby vyšel, je The Rare Breed :(
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 16.8.18) 20.6.2018 17:37 - Odhlášení (21:33) 7807
The fact is the Deluxe Edition is the first and only John Williams' approved version of The Cowboys. The 1994 release was done without his involvement, was incorrectly mixed, at the wrong speed with the wrong takes and made-up titles, with a track called "Overture" in the middle of the program and another track by a different composer erroneously added, making it actually a 28 minute album which, sorry to say, had basically nothing correct about it. But if someone is content with that, so be it. That's one more copy available for someone else and the Maestro is thrilled that this score of his, which he loves, has been given the treatment it deserves.

Mike Matessino

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