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Klub Jerry Goldsmith [ŽP: 8 týdnů] (kategorie Hudba) moderují VelociraptorX, Lokutus, Tender.

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lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 18.11.2018 17:39  2546
The Travelling Executioner 1970
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 4.9.2018 06:22  2545
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 5.8.2018 13:53  2544
Last call for Star Trek The Motion Picture 2xLP

Less than 40 units remain!

Boldly going...
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 10.1.2019 25.7.2018 14:16 - Oblíbené kluby (17:34) 2543
Vyjádření z Intrady:

"We did a deep investigation and this is what we found. There is actually some distortion after about a minute in, where the cue goes into a new section. It hits pretty loud and seems over-modulated. That continues for the remainder of the track when it is loud. Quieter sections are perfect, showing it isn’t random static at all.

This is ALSO present on the 1999 CD as well but our new mix is hotter and more detailed, making the distortion more evident. This means the original recording sessions must have been too hot during that portion of the cue. Our release exacerbates the distortion but it is not anything that can be corrected because it's inherent in the recording itself.

Keep in mind there were no stereo mixes of the additional music, only what was mixed for Decca in 1999. Universal only had the complete 48-track sessions and potted/edited 5.1 film mixes which would have been unacceptable. Therefore expanding The Mummy required all-new mixing and Bruce Botnick’s participation because he was the original mixer. Since we want to retain our new 48-channel mix the distortion will stay in this hot section. This makes keeping the old album mix a nice bonus for CD 2."
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 10.1.2019 23.7.2018 21:34 - Oblíbené kluby (17:34) 2542
Tak zjevně na některých kopiích 2CD The Mummy je defekt:

So I was listening to this and on disc 1, track 12, Camel Race, starting at about 2:32 and going to the end of the track, there is some static like noise in my right earbud. Checked the cd and it was there as well. Listened to the original cd and didn’t hear any static. Anybody else notice this? Thanks

A dodatek od jiného posluchače:

Yeah, I hear the static on disc 1, track 12. It actually starts for me at 1:45 on that first anvil strike, then keeps popping in and out until 2:30, where it becomes noticeable throughout the rest of the track. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but it's pretty egregious to my ears, especially during the quiet passage from 2:30 and on.

Někteří ale zjevně mají kopii, kde tento defekt není ... a nebo ho z nějakého důvodu neslyší :)
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 26.6.2018 21:09  2541
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 18.6.2018 19:03  2540
Small Soldiers: The Deluxe Edition

Original Motion Picture Score
Jerry Goldsmith

UPC: 888072062498
Release Date: 06/18/2018

Limited Edition Of 3000 Copies

CDs will begin shipping the week of June 18

$ 24.98
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 10.1.2019 28.5.2018 21:17 - Oblíbené kluby (17:34) 2539
NP: Damnation Alley - tohle je fakt výborný soundtrack! Chvála Intradě, že ho vydala, navíc v té podobě, v jaké ho vydala :)
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 15.5.2018 06:58  2538
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 16.4.2018 17:31  2537
ubik Ubik 15.4.2018 18:22  2536
Jéje, to je krásně zmalovanej booklet :-)))
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 15.4.2018 16:56  2535
a je to :)

lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 14.4.2018 19:44  2534
NP: Thriller Vol 2 ****
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 19.3.2018 12:35  2533
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 16.3.2018 22:56  2532
ok... takže masivní ohlas podle očekávání... takže 1x

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