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Klub Marco Beltrami [ŽP: 8 týdnů] (kategorie Hudba) moderuje Lokutus.
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Soundtracknet interview 8/9/1998
Interview - Holywood Reporter 20/4/2004
Interview - Scoring with genre films pt. 1
Interview - Scoring with genre films pt. 2
Interview - Scorelogue - Dracula 2000
An evening with Marco Beltrami on the phone
Interview -
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lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 9.12.2018 23:25  1795
a je to!
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 8.12.2018 20:28  1794
L'EMPEREUR DE PARISa ještě jedna
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 8.12.2018 20:26  1793
L'EMPEREUR DE PARISPrvní score uka!!!
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 7.12.2018 07:51  1792
The nominations for the 76th Golden Globe Awards were announced this morning. Here are the music-related categories and nominations:

Best Original Score:

A Quiet Place – Marco Beltrami
Isle of Dogs – Alexandre Desplat
Black Panther – Ludwig Goransson
First Man – Justin Hurwitz
Mary Poppins Returns – Marc Shaiman

Best Original Song:

All the Stars From Black Panther, Music & Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar, Anthony Tiffith, Mark Spears, Solana Rowe, Al Shuckburgh
Girl in the Movies From Dumplin’, Music & Lyrics by Dolly Parton & Linda Perry
Requiem for a Private War From A Private War, Music & Lyrics by Annie Lennox
Revelation From Boy Erased, Music by Troye Sivan & Jónsi, Lyrics by Jon Thor Birgisson, Troye Sivan, Brett McLaughlin
Shallow From A Star Is Born, Music & Lyrics by Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, Andrew Wyatt
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 30.11.2018 22:05  1791
VELVET BUZZSAW1. února 2019!
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 30.11.2018 20:58  1790
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 29.11.2018 19:15  1789
2 filmy na Sundance!
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 16.11.2018 22:04  1788
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 15.11.2018 23:12  1787
a je to :)

lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 15.11.2018 08:26  1786
To those concerned and supportive people inquiring about the impact of the fires on our family and my studio—

First of all, I apologize for not responding sooner—its been a hectic week since this monster began last thursday when I saw a little plume of smoke behind the mountain through the studio window and the internet said there was a 100 acre brush fire in the valley. Since then all hell broke loose and I watched through security cameras as the fire came right to the doorstep and Tom McCahon single handedly saved the guest house while his own home burned a few miles away. In fact, many of my neighbors lost their houses and are in a bad situation and it is with great humility that I express gratitude in saying that number one, our family is all safe, and two, the fire never breached the perimeter of my property. As the winds have now calmed and the fire is no longer close I think I can safely say we have escaped this one!

Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes during this tumultuous period. Very much appreciated,

Here are a few images:

the first shows the ferocity of the flames in malibu on friday—2nd day. Evacuating in front of the fury!
second shows the hill behind my studio from last night. Fire’s last push.
the 3rd and 4th are looking out from the guest house today at the moonscape when i finally made it up to check on the place.

lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 15.11.2018 01:04  1785
komplet Variety panel se skladatelema až uplně dole na stránce...
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 10.11.2018 19:55  1784
Nový projekt:)

Víc brzo :)
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 9.11.2018 22:32  1783
tohle napoví :)
e_wan E-Wan - Soundtracky na prodej! (update 3.12.18) 9.11.2018 21:19 - Odhlášení (14:09) 1782
Tak jsem poznal akorát Beltramiho :(
lokutus Lokutus - Filmová hudba 9.11.2018 20:01  1781

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